Scarsdale Music Teacher Helps Parents, Kids Make Music

Jackie Freimor, who runs the Music Together program at her business Over the Moon, welcomes adults of all musical abilities to take part in music classes with their children.

Jackie Freimor is over the moon about her music business.

The owner of Over the Moon Music and More in Scarsdale since 2009, Freimor is combining her love of music with her love of children and education.

The Bronx resident, who became involved in Music Together’s music education classes when her daughter was young, started her business in 2005 and opened a Scarsdale location three years ago.

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As a mom, she started taking her daughter to the class at the age of one, she recalled.

“We always sang in our house,” the mother and business-owner said.

Music Together is an international curriculum and Freimor operates seven different locations around Westchester.

Prior to getting involved with Music Together, she worked as a medical editor for 13 years.  But she has had a love of music since she was young. “I had been playing instruments and singing since I was very small,” she said, noting she had played in bands and solo.

Currently, there are about 350 registered in Scarsdale, almost 400 children in the parent-child classes and about 300 children in the pre-school program at the White Plains location, she said.

The classes, which build from week to week, are consistent, researched and “very, very playful,” the owner noted.

The classes are hands-on both for the parents or caregivers and the kids. Children from birth through Kindergarten-aged and adults take the classes. The adults work with the kids at home on the skills they learn in class, she said.

However, “you don’t have to have musical skill to be in the class,” Freimor said. “The secret is that almost all people are musical…It’s an eye opener for many people. People think you absorb (music) and need talent. But almost everyone has the aptitude for music.”

“The idea that music is a secret little club is actually quite wrong,” the musician and educator said.

Each class is about 45 minutes long and includes 10-14, hands-on activities, like bouncing to beats, hand gestures and rocking to the beat.

“People are so wounded…so sensitive about their musical ability,” the instructor noted. “Watching children acquire these skills is so interesting. We really honor each child’s individual learning style.”

For more information, go to  www.overthemoonmusicandmore.com

Gary Benson October 16, 2012 at 11:28 PM
Love what Jackie says, "However, “you don’t have to have musical skill to be in the class,” Freimor said. “The secret is that almost all people are musical" . This is so true! Music is for everyone! Stomp your feet and sing out of key and you are still making music! Music is not an exclusive club. - For small children Music Together is a great program. - http://www.musicforkids.com


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