Search For Tyler Madoff Ends; Scarsdale School Community Comes Together

Members of the Scarsdale Public School community are coming together to support the Madoff family and each other.

the missing White Plains teen and Scarsdale High School student, has ended and now the Scarsdale school district is coming together for support.

On Sunday, Scarsdale Superintendent of Schools Dr. Michael McGill released a statement to the school community stating the "Coast Guard has given up the search for Tyler Madoff, Class of '14, who was swept out to sea four days ago in Hawaii.  Our hearts go out to the Madoff family."

"I deeply regret having to share this devastating news," McGill stated. "Our thoughts and prayers remain with the Madoffs."

and rescue efforts. However, local efforts by good Samaritans were continuing.

Today, the Scarsdale School District is offering counseling services to all students, faculty and staff from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. at . A trained counselor will be on hand, according to McGill.
"The Madoffs have issued a statement in Hawaii, thanking all those involved in the search and rescue operation, as well as all in the school community who have been so supportive," McGill stated. "We remain in contact with them and will provide further information as appropriate and consistent with their wishes."

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