Three Minutes on a Park Bench With: Marc Guberti

There's a lot of pressure that comes along with being a teenager today. 

Social media is everywhere. College admissions are ever-more competitive. Post-grad jobs are scarce.

Sometimes, though, you just have to dive in. 

That seems to be the #1 motto of Marc Guberti, a Scarsdale student with a schedule busier than most people three times his age. His Twitter profile—42,000 followers and counting, by the way—captures it this way: "16 Year Old Teenager, Entrepreneur, Author, Blogger, Speaker, #SocialMedia Enthusiast, Viner, Track Runner, Dog Lover."

He graciously agreed to spend some of that precious spare time on our questions:

Patch: What's your morning routine? 

Marc: My morning routine varies depending on if I have school, a track meet, or have the day free. I try to get in as many blog posts and tweets in the morning as I can.

P: What do you do for a living? And what's the best thing about your job?

M: I am an entrepreneur, author, and blogger. The best part about my job is that I get to work home and at my own hours. I do not have to go by a 9-to-5 schedule or anything in that nature.

P: What's the hardest?

M: The hardest part about my job is thinking of things to write about when I have writer's block. No matter how good a writer is, that writer is going to encounter writer's block. After pushing through writer's block, I see a big increase in my productivity.

P: How long have you lived in Scarsdale? 

M: I have always lived in Scarsdale.

P: What's your favorite thing about living here?

M: The people here are nice.

P: If you had to arrange a secret meeting here, where would you have it?

M: That's a tough question, but I would prefer to have it in a library so we all blend in.

P: Tell us something about yourself that most of your neighbors don't know.

M: One thing my neighbors do not know is that I aim to be a bestselling author in 2014.

P: When you want a really indulgent snack here, where do you go and what do you get?

M: When I want an indulgent snack, I go to Mrs. Greens and get Enjoy Life cookies.

P: What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

M: The best piece of advice I have been given is to stay true to your dreams.

P: What are you doing after this interview?

M: After this interview, I am going to write more blog posts. It has become a good habit of mine.


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Jerry Eimbinder March 07, 2014 at 06:31 AM
A great concept, this series could have been called "Meet Your Neighbors."
Vilma Sceusa March 15, 2014 at 10:57 AM
Great article on a very intelligent and committed writer!


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