Keeping Cool In Scarsdale

As the temperature soared today, folks around Scarsdale tried to beat the heat.

The , sticky punch today in Scarsdale. Today's high was expected to reach 99 degrees, but the heat index is making it feel more like it is in the 100s.

Around the village, residents tried to their best to beat the heat this afternoon.

was packed for lunch, although the precious air conditioning did not do much to cool off the chefs, who were sweltering at the grill.

Owner Gregory Kassimis said nothing was helping his staff stay cool while cooking for the crowd of customers.

Next door at , parents and children came to bask in the AC and enjoy a summertime treat–ice cream, of course.

At the Scarsdale Municipal Pool Complex, kids galore enjoyed taking a dip in the water.

Unfortunately, those working outdoors (minus a pool) had the hard task of preventing heat exhaustion.

One U.S. Postal Truck driver, wiping his brow while dropping off a package in neighboring White Plains, said his truck was "103 degrees inside" and it was actually cooler outside. 

And those landscapers blowing leaves needed hats and sweatbands in order to work.

Just remember, check on any elderly neighbors who may need help installing an air conditioner or a fan. For tips from FEMA on staying cool in extreme weather, click here.


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