Dr. Vito's 10 Reasons You May NOT Be Losing Weight

Wonder why you are NOT losing weight? Dr. Vito, owner of Will2Lose, has 10 reasons why you many not be losing weight.

1. You're not exercising enough. Weight bearing exercises, like running, walking, aerobics and resistance machine training helps increase calories burned. At least 30 minutes, FOUR times a week is recommended.

2. You're not getting enough sleep. Staying up late may lead to extra calories if you snack while watching late night TV or partying with friends. We tend to burn fat cells while sleeping, so getting in your 8 hours of sleep a night is very helpful to your health.

3. You're too stressed. Stress can lead to weight gain. Sometimes we manage our feelings with food and mindlessly use it to soothe our stress.

4. You're skipping meals. Making up for missed calories can lead to food cravings, eating later in the day and fat storage due to the body shutting down.

5. You're eating too many calories. You many be cutting back on portions but eating high caloric foods.

6. You're drinking too many calories. Consider the calories in these 12-ounce servings: regular soda: 200 cal. Fruit juice: 180 cal. Sweet tea: 150 cal. Sport drinks 100+ cal. Cutting these out can result in a pound of weight loss a week.

7. You're too lax about diet and exercise. You burn 300 calories by walking for 3 miles but then you eat a muffin with the same amount of calories, erasing the effect of the workout.

8. You're slipping on weekends. Weekend indulgences add up very quickly. Try to stick to eating within your diet's calorie limit.

9. You're diet impatient. Weight loss needs time for us to see results and access its fat storage and use them for energy.

10. You've reached a plateau. Hitting a plateau is a common occurrence, but you may be experiencing positive physiologic changes that many not be evident by looking at a scale. As you're losing fat tissue, you could also be gaining more lean body tissue. In time, you will regain your weight loss.

Dr. Vito can be reached at Will2Lose, 303 Central Park Ave, Scarsdale, NY, or 914-358-9890.

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